Collins Aerospace Pro Line Fusion® for Bombardier Challenger 604

Avoid obsolescence and high repair costs by modernizing your Challenger 604 with Pro Line Fusion upgrade today!

Skyservice Challenger 604

Increasing aircraft value

Pro Line Fusion extends the aircraft value by providing all the modern capabilities offered in newer jets. Enjoy greater flight efficiency and peace of mind in knowing your aircraft is equipped with NextGen® space capabilities and more.

Ensuring airworthiness

Pro Line Fusion supports today and future air mandates. With airspace capabilities including Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) and Controller Pilot Datalink Communications (CPDLC/FANs) your aircraft meets all international requirements.

Improved flight experience

Pilots enjoy intuitive, wide, touchscreen interfaces, on-screen charts and moving maps and synthetic visions to provide the very best in situational awareness. With these features combined, your aircraft has entered the modernized world.

Key features

• Three 14.1” landscape, touchscreen LCD displays
• Synthetic vision included
• Easy, graphical flight planning and FMS interaction
• NextGen® airspace capability – RNP, LPV
• FANS/CPDLC options
• Optional MultiScan Weather Radar
• A proven path forward for EFD-4077 (PL4 CRTs) obsolescence, announced in 2019
• EASA certification pending
• STC approved by Transport Canada (TC)

Get in Touch for a New Upgrade

Reach us at or call 1-888-759-7591

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*Photo credit: Collins Aerospace
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