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Corporate Responsibility

Our Commitment to Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Principles
At Skyservice Business Aviation, our commitment to ESG is not just a priority; it is how we approach all aspects of our business. From our Board of Directors to the executive management team and including every employee, we strive each day to be a better corporate citizen.

Since Skyservice was founded in 1986, the company has been firmly committed to making a difference in our world through equitable operations, charitable donations, and improved efficiencies. Today, that commitment takes on new meaning as we measure, manage and enhance our ESG impact in line with international best practices.  Indeed, our collective aim at Skyservice is to be an industry leader in raising the bar for ESG standards globally.

Accordingly, we prioritize three ESG initiatives in keeping with our organizational vision to deliver excellence on the ground and in the air:

  1. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  2. Social Engagement
  3. Greener Choices

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Skyservice promotes a diverse workplace. Founded on the strength and dedication of our people, we invest in our employees and actively support personnel for all of their unique contributions. We firmly believe that an organization well-grounded in D, E & I inspires greater collaboration, innovation, and company performance.
Together, we are working to be a better company by building a collaborative employee base with diverse gender, cultural backgrounds, and all aspects of our individuality.

Social Engagement

For 35 years, Skyservice has been active in supporting our people, our communities, and industry. We take pride in delivering excellence, both in the air and on the ground. We are invested in our industry’s future and want to do all we can to support the success and longevity of Canadian private aviation. A brighter tomorrow depends on fostering the next generation of private aviation professionals today. That’s why Skyservice focuses its charitable giving and social governance on bridging the skills gap in Canadian aviation, supporting sustainable community initiatives, and educating people about rewarding careers in private aviation.

Greener Choices

As a company, we have launched several initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact. To date, we’ve significantly reduced paper consumption and estimate that we’ve eliminated 10,000 plastic water bottles per year by encouraging reusable containers and recyclable cups. We are leading the charge in our sector’s commitment to sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and are the first aviation company in Canada to offer SAF to clients.

We’re also taking positive steps to reduce our energy consumption by replacing conventional hangar lighting with efficient LED bulbs and automating lights and thermostats. Our newest facility at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport produces low waste and is energy efficient. We’ve also implemented effective, non-toxic, and environmentally safe aircraft and facility sanitization solutions. Each decision we make is evaluated from a green and environmental lens. Our corporate goal is to be carbon neutral no later than 2050.

Our ESG achievements empower our team and reinforce the value of our work to build long-term value and sustainability. As a leader in business aviation, we are enthusiastic about the future, one that supports a green economy and embraces diversity. Together we’re creating the conditions for everyone to succeed – the sky is the limit!

Learn more about our Corporate Responsibility initiatives.

Skyservice Sustainable Aviation Fuel Truck with Executives

Skyservice™ is first Full Service Business Aviation Provider in Canada to offer Sustainable Aviation Fuel to Private Aircraft Clients

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