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COVID-19 Safety Response Plan

At Skyservice™, we operate under a single guiding principle of Safety and Service Excellence – Always!

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Updated: August 9th, 2021

Safety and service excellence guides our approach on how we treat our customers and employees and has been the foundation to how we are approaching the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

As the situation with COVID-19 continues, Skyservice wishes to provide certainty to our valued customers that your safety and well-being is our top priority.

Each of Skyservice’s Fixed Based Operations (FBO) facilities follow the Safety 1st Clean™ standard. Designed by the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) Safety Committee, this standard provides expert guidance and measures from the government and other leading agencies on facility cleaning, disinfecting, and facility operations in a response to a pandemic.

Along with our Safety 1st Clean™ Standard of operations, Skyservice has also added Hypochlorous Acid fogging as an extra preventative measure to sanitize and disinfect our locations and equipment that are difficult to clean through conventional methods. Hypochlorous Acid is certified by Canada Health as a disinfectant for use against COVID-19. It is 100% safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and clinically proven to be 100 times more effective than sodium hypochlorite (used in bleach).

Skyservice will continuously review our Federal Government, Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), and World Health Organization (WHO) updates to ensure that our organization maintains the highest levels of preventative measures. The health and safety of our customers and employees is our top priority.

Skyservice COVID-19 Response Plan


  • All Skyservice business lines are open and providing 24/7 customer service and support at each of our facilities. All customers will be provided PPE kits for travel purposes. The PPE kit includes safety masks, gloves, sanitizer packets and disposable bag to safe disposal.

  • For safety, all individuals entering our facilities are required to wear a face covering/face mask, and observe social distancing requirements.

  • Our facilities are routinely disinfected with Hypochlorous Acid Fogging, a non-toxic, environmentally friendly solution that is a registered disinfectant for use against COVID-19.


Skyservice will assess each travel request on a case-by-case basis as travel restrictions are changing rapidly.

  • The ability to travel remains complex with some countries continuing to have closed borders, and others requesting additional documentation, COVID-19 testing and visas to gain entry.


To support the safety requirements and mandates, customers experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, regardless of destination, will be unable to board an aircraft. Masks are requested to be worn in cabin when social distancing is unavailable.


In effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Government of Canada has issued travel advisories to limit travel.

Border restrictions with the United States have changed. American citizens and permanent residents of the United States, who currently reside in the United States, who meet specific criteria to qualify as fully vaccinated are allowed to travel to Canada for non-essential purposes.

Border restriction for International travelers have changed. All foreign nationals who qualify as fully vaccinated can travel to Canada for non-essential reasons.

Requirements for Entering Canada

  • International flights, including the United States are permitted to land at the following locations, before proceeding to their final destination (if applicable).

    • Calgary International Airport (CYYC)

    • Edmonton International Airport (CYEG)

    • Halifax International Airport – Standfield (CYHZ)

    • Montréal Pierre Trudeau International Airport (CYUL)

    • Ottawa International Airport (CYOW)

    • Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport (CYQB)

    • Toronto Pearson International Airport (CYYZ)

    • Vancouver International Airport (CYVR)

    • Winnipeg International Airport – James Armstrong (CYWG)

  • All air passengers five years of age or older arriving to Canada from another country are required to take a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) or reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification (RT-LAMP) test within 72 of their scheduled departure time and show evidence of a negative test result prior to boarding or a positive result for a COVID-19 molecular test that performed on a specimen collected at least 14 days and no more than 90 days before the aircraft’s initial scheduled departure time

    • Crew members are exempt from this requirement.

  • Documentation of your test result must include full traveller name, date of birth, testing facility/organization name and address, test date, and the PCR/RT-LAMP test result. Please ensure all test result documentation identified the test conducted was PCR/RT-LAMP.

  • All passengers and crew members entering Canada must complete arrival paperwork digitally by using the Arrive CAN app or website. Canadian Border Services will review and validate all receipts. Failure to properly submit or file Arrive CAN information and/or failure to provide negative-result, PCR testing documentation, can be punishable with a fine.

    • Upon landing unvaccinated travellers of five years of age and older are required to take a second COVID-19 test.

  • Fully vaccinated travellers will not need a post-arrival test unless they have been randomly selected to complete a Day 1 COVID-19 molecular test.

  • 3-Night Stay hotel: the three-night government authorized hotel stay requirement will be eliminated for all travellers arriving by air as of 12:01 A.M. EDT on August 9.

  • Quarantine: Fully vaccinated travellers who meet the requirements will be exempt from quarantine; however, all travellers must still provide a quarantine plan and be prepared to quarantine, in case it is determined at the border that they do not meet the necessary requirements.

  • Unvaccinated children under 12 years of age and dependent children (due to a mental or physical condition) of fully vaccinated travellers will no longer have to complete a 14 day quarantine, but must follow strict public health measures. This includes those travelling from the U.S for discretionary purposes. Unvaccinated children will remain subject to the Day 1 and Day 8 testing requirements. Provinces and territories may have more stringent rules around people who have recently returned from travel. More details will be available in the coming days.


  • All aircraft returning to Canada or obtaining maintenance or FBO services are required to be disinfected.

  • Skyservice offers Aviation Clean Air services for cabin aircraft cleaning; a patented bi-polar ionization cleaning and environmentally friendly and safe clean air solution.

  • Additional cleaning, clean air, and decontamination services are also available.


  • Requests for AOG maintenance is available across Canada and on an one case-by-case basis to Transborder and International locations.

  • Installation for Aviation Clean Air Solutions is available at each of our Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul locations. This patented solution neutralizes pathogens in the air and on surfaces throughout the cabin and for the duration of a flight. Learn More. Learn More.

  • All aircraft will need to be disinfected prior to work being performed.


  • Health assessments on passengers will be conducted by your flight crew.

  • Crew changes may occur, as we provide our Pilots the choice to work on cross-border and International flights during this time.

  • Flight crews shall always wear proper PPE equipment, including face masks/coverings while onboard and assisting passengers.


  • We have reduced our staff at our facilities to ensure your safety and to provide you with the same high level of service that you have known Skyservice to deliver.

  • Our staff have been properly notified and trained on best practices to prevent the virus from spreading.

  • Facial coverings/masks are mandatory inside any of our facilities, and when assisting customer outside.


  • Skyservice has increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting our facilities and offices with added attention to high traffic and customer and pilot lounge areas.

  • Social distancing markers are in place at each our FBO facilities to ensure a six foot radius between our guests.

  • Hand sanitation stations are situated throughout our facilities.